Implications of Migration


The Parliament of a country has requested a report on how migrants contribute to the social-cultural, civic-political, and economic well-being of the country. To create the report, Parliament has created sub-committees for each contribution area. Sub-committees will be required to report their findings.

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Divide class into 3 teams – one will focus on social-cultural contributions, one on civic-political contributions, and one on economic contributions. Use page 165-178 of the World Migration Report 2020, other credible sources, and your own knowledge to put together a presentation highlighting the contribution area you have been assigned. [Note: for larger classes contribution areas can have more than one group. Activity can be done with teams of 3, 6, 9, etc.]

Part I. Research and PowerPoint

Create a power point presentation of no more than 10 slides that highlights the contribution area assigned to your team. Your presentation should address the following points:

• Define the contribution assigned to your sub-committee.

• Why is this contribution important to society? Identify and report on specific examples of what migrants have contributed to your area.

Read ‘The Salah Effect” on p. 167 of the WMR as an example of the kind of specific contribution to look for.

Part II. Presentation

With your team, present your findings in a 5-7-minute oral presentation. Everyone in your group should speak.

Extension activity: Evidence of Learning

Students are given 2 newspaper articles and are given a choice of one to write about. Students are asked to provide a paragraph response reflecting on how migrants are depicted in the newspaper article.

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