Who migrates?


A city council of a large city is holding hearings for the possible creation of a new agency for ‘newcomers’ that will assist in integration and connection to employment and social protection programs. Council members want to know the drivers that are motivating the city’s migrants in order to inform the responsibilities of the new agency and funding levels. Migrants are coming from all regions of the world so it is important to understand the drivers on a global scale. There are many places for students to access information for this scenario.

Some examples: Global Overview (WMR 2022, Ch. 2) Migrants caught in crises (WMR 2020, Ch. 10) World Migration Data Visualization Migration Data Portal

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Part I. Group Work and Presentation Instructions

Students will divide into groups and focus on different classifications of migrants:

• Migrant Workers

• Refugees and Asylum Seekers

• Internally Displaced Persons

• Environmental Migrants

Part I: Group Presentations

Each group will give a presentation on their findings to the Council. Presentations should be 10-15 minutes in length, should include visual elements including Powerpoint, Prezi, etc.

Include at least the following information:

• How do you define your migrant group?

• What difficulties are there in defining your group?

• Data and trends on a global and regional level related to specific groups of migrants.

• What geographic regions are particularly affected?

• Why might that be the case?

• Are migrants from your group mainly moving on a voluntary basis or are they being forced to move? Are there aspects of both? Justify your answer with examples.

A country case study

Information from one specific country that illustrates why migrants are on the move from your particular migrant group. Use of at least two maps to illustrate information in your presentation

Part II. Written Activity/Homework (Individual Work)

Write a one-page summary of the main issues confronting one of the other migrant groups that were presented. This exercise requires that you listen carefully to all the presentations and take notes on their findings and information.

Presentation Tips:

When working on the group presentation, teams should work together to complete the project. In order to help make sure all members of the group are involved, clear roles should be created among team members.

Some examples include

• Team Leader: coordinate the team on all aspects of the presentation

• Region Director/s (1-2 students): create information for all regional issues

• Country Director/s (1-2 students): create information for country case study

• Data Director: compile and analyse data on the topic on a global, regional, and county level

• Editor: coordinate all visual (PowerPoint, Prezi, other) aspects of the presentation.

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