When do people migrate?

Introduction to Module 6: When do people migrate?

This module will help students understand when people migrate. The module will present information about movement due to environmental and climate change as well as information about the movement of people due to seasonal and temporary work.

Learning Objective

Students will be able to explain the timing of mobility depending on factors such as seasonality, timing with periodic events, and historical trends.

WMR Chapter Focus

This module will draw on the global overview of migrants and migration and the theme climate change and migration detailed in Chapters 2 and 9 of the World Migration Report 2022.

Proposed Schedule

1-2 class periods (50-100 minutes) plus independent student work.

  • Class period one: introduction, student resource sheet; text-based and figures-based questions.
  • Class period two: Interactive Scenario: “Bilateral and multilateral negotiation for migrant labour agreements”

Student Assessment

There are several assessment options in this module and teacher may use some or all of them.

  • Understanding the Basics: Questions based on the Student Resource Sheets
  • Going Further:
    • Text case study: The Environment and Migration
    • Data case study: Displacement Due to Disasters: Oceania
    • Interactive Scenario: Bilateral and multilateral negotiating of work visas for migrants

Evidence of Learning

Details of the Evidence of Learning assessment is found in the ‘Scenario’ section of the module.

Starter Activity

Show students photos or videos of some recent devastating weather events (hurricanes, cyclones, tornadoes, etc). Ask students to think about how they would respond if they lived in areas where these events took place. Lead a discussion about what happens in areas where these kinds of events are frequent and when people have no insurance to protect them.

Interactive Visualization

The World Migration Report Interactive explores the major migration routes that are used as people move around the world.