How do people migrate?


The Henley Passport Index is the original ranking of all the world’s passports according to the number of destinations their holders can access without a prior visa. Using this tool (found at the Henley Passport Index website students will work in teams to analyse visa needs for countries in all 6 UN recognized regions in the world. For this scenario, each team will need a set of index cards or paper cut to index-card size. They will also need tape.

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Divide the class in 6 groups — one for each UN region (Africa, Asia, Europe, LAC, North America, Oceania). Ask each group to research their region’s top 5 and bottom 5 countries as ranked by population (students can use standard internet sites such as Wikipedia to find this information). Input each country into the Henley Passport Index to determine the visa requirements needed for residents of that country to visit other countries around the world. Make a note of a) the number of countries where a visa is needed to visit, b) the current year global rank of the country.

Part I. Research and Presentation

Make a list of your countries in order of their global rank (as determined by the Henley Passport Index). On an index card, write the name of each of country on your list along with the global rank and number of countries where a visa is needed to visit. After completing the research, each group will present the information of their countries to the class.

Part II. Class Discussion & Activity

After the presentations are complete, spend some time discussing the information you received. Are there visa results for countries that surprised you? If so, why?

• Are there regions that are more likely than not to need visas to international travel? If so, what might explain that?

• Are there noticeable differences between the populated (large) countries and the less-populated (small) countries? What might explain this?

Part II. Class Discussion & Activity

After the discussion, use the index cards and some tape to post the names of all of the countries from all of the groups IN ORDER OF THEIR GLOBAL RANK from highest to lowest on a wall in the classroom. If needed, spend a few minutes discussing the result of this activity as a class.

Part III. Written Assignment and Evidence of Learning

Write a 2-page report on the findings in this activity. In your report analyse the countries you researched and provide an overview of how those countries fair in terms of visa needs for citizens.

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