What is Migration?


Duolingo, a language learning app, wants to supplement its features with language assistance features specifically targeted for international migrants from Africa and Asia. It has tasked a committee to determine where the largest corridors of migration flows occur, and what languages changes the app designers should be aware of as they develop this new feature.

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Divide into teams of 4-5 people. Using Chapter 3 of the World Migration Report 2022, research the main migration statistics and trends as it relates to where migrants are coming from and going to. Teams should use information from the entire chapter but may find it useful to pay particular attention to Figures 1, 3, 4, 9, and 10. An interactive visualization of information that may be helpful can be found at the WMR interactive site.


Prepare a presentation for the Duolingo app designers to help determine where they should spend their budget. The presentation should be divided into two parts and should focus on the information below. Each team may include more information and details as needed:

Part I. Statistics

What are the largest destination countries for international migrants for each region?

What are the largest origin countries for international migrants for each region?

Explain some of the broad trends where people are moving within each the region.

Part II. Language trends

Where are people moving? What languages might they need to learn upon emigrating?

What migration transition countries might be used by people on the move? What languages might be helpful in those countries?

Do we already have the languages? How should we change, increase or expand the language capabilities of what we provide on our app?

Part III. Conclusions

What are the three (3) most important additional features that should be added to the Duolingo app to help the needs of migrants? Justify your answers.

Part IV. Written Activity

Write a paragraph justifying the conclusions of your team. Each team member should write their own paragraphs.

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