What is Migration?

Introduction to Module 1: What is Migration?

Migration is defined as the movement of persons away from their place of usual residence, either across an international border or within a country. Module 1 will introduce students to definitions of migration and introduce some of the broad ideas and concepts associated with global migration, including: population change, migration flows, types of migration, and categories of migrants.

Learning Objective

Students will be able to define migration, differentiate between international migration and internal migration, and learn about migration inflows and outflows.

WMR Chapter Focus

This module will draw on the global overview and regional dimensions of migration detailed in Chapters 2 and 3 of the World Migration Report 2022.

Proposed Schedule

1-2 class periods (50-100 minutes) plus independent student work.

  • Class period one: introduction, student resource sheet; text-based and data-based questions
  • Class period two: Module One Scenario Interactive Activity: “New Features for a Language App”

Student Assessment

There are several assessment options in this module and teachers may use some or all of them.

  • Understanding the Basics:

    • Questions based on the Student Resource Sheets
  • Going Further:

    • Text case study: How is migration more difficult to measure than birth/death?
    • Data case study: Focus on the Missing Migrants Project and the issue of international students as an example of migration.
    • Interactive Scenario: Students work with language app ‘Duolingo’ to create new features that target migrants and people working migrant populations. Play the video here as an introduction to learning language apps.

Evidence of Learning

Students will work together to complete a group activity that focuses on the movement of people around the world. The activity includes an oral presentation and a written reflection on the project. Details of the Evidence of Learning assessment is found in the ‘Scenario’ section of the module.

Starter Activity

Introduce students to the definition of migration by asking why they know about the issue. Lead the class in a discussion of some of the key definitions surrounding the issue of migration (see Glossary). Ask if students can guess or identify some of the reasons why people migrate. Find out if they know where people tend to migrate from and where they tend to migrate to.

Interactive Visualization:

Visit the World Migration Report Interactive to learn more about key data and information on migration.