Disinformation about migration

Introduction to Module 10: Disinformation about migration

Disinformation may be an age-old phenomenon, but it thrives in a digital environment. Digital technologies have been revolutionary in expanding access to information and opportunities for expression, but they have also created a world in which it is relatively easy to manipulate information and to coordinate harmful campaigns against individuals and groups, including migrants, as well as organizations and even countries. Module X will introduce students to the topic of disinformation and its impact on migrants, society and the media.

Learning Objective

Students will be able to define disinformation, examine the role of digital technology and online platforms for spreading disinformation, and learn about the implications of disinformation for migrants, migration and mobility.

WMR Chapter Focus

This module will draw on Chapter 5 ’Migrants’ contributions in an era of increasing disruption and disinformation’ in the World Migration Report 2020, Chapter 8 ‘Disinformation about migration’ in the World Migration Report 2022 and other resources developed by the Migration Research Division.

Proposed Schedule

1-2 class periods (50-100 minutes) plus independent student work.

  • Class period one: introduction, student resource sheet; text-based and data-based questions
  • Class period two: Module 10 Scenario Interactive Activity: “Building resilience to disinformation”

Student Assessment

There are several assessment options in this module and teachers may use some or all of them.

  • Understanding the Basics: Questions based on the Student Resource Sheets
  • Going Further:
    • Text case study: The challenge of real-time analysis: making sense of the migration and mobility implications of COVID-19 by Dr. Marie McAuliffe, Dr. Céline Bauloz and Adrian Kitimbo
    • Data case study: Using data to debunk myths about migration
    • Interactive Scenario: Students work to develop their own strategy to combat disinformation about migration

Evidence of Learning

Students will work together to complete a group activity that focuses on disinformation about migration. The activity includes an oral and/or visual presentation about the project.

Starter Activity

Introduce students to the definition of disinformation and have them reflect on a time where they came across false information in the news or on social media.